The Perfect bra fit


1. Underband

The underband of your bra should sit horizontally level across yourback. It should be nice and snug when fastened on the loosest hook, but there should be enough room to fit two fingers underneath.


2. Straps

The length of your straps should be adjusted enough to support the cup, but should also feel comfortable.


3. Cups

The wire should completely enclose each breast, sit right in the crease underneath your breasts, and finish under your arms. There should be no bulging or gaping at the top of the cups.


4. Wires

The wire should sit flat against your ribcage, from the middle of your chest and along the crease of your bust, with absolutely no lifting away.

Common Fit Problems

Bra Shape Guide

How To Care for your bra

A good bra is an investment and we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your garment. Caring for your bra properly will help it last and maintain the support it gives. Here are our top tips:

  • Check the wash care label as some garments and bras might have special requirements.
  • Always try to hand wash your bras and never put them in the dryer - this will reduce elasticity and cause them to shrink.
  • Wash your bras in cool water with a delicates detergent. Don't wring them out, just let them drip dry, and don't put them onto a radiator where the heat can damage them.
  • We suggest that you buy a new bra every six months - as the best support your bra gives you is within the first six months.

Garment Care Label Symbol Guideline

  • Hand Wash


  • Machine Wash


  • Do Not Tumble Dry

    Do Not
    Tumble Dry

  • Do Not Bleach

    Do Not

  • Do Not Iron

    Do Not

  • Do Not Dry Clean

    Do Not
    Dry Clean

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