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Bra Fitting Guide
Bra Fitting Guide

Are you wearing the right sized bra? Try our 7-step check. Try on your best-fitting bra and take a good look in the mirror.

  1. The wires at the front, in the middle of your chest (called the "center-front") should sit flat against your body.

  2. The wires should sit flat against your rib cage in the crease of your bust with absolutely no lifting away.

  3. Breast tissue should be encased completely by the wire. The wire should sit behind the breast tissue, under your arms.

  4. Cups should fit with no bulging over or gaping at the top.

  5. The back-band should sit horizontally across your body, in line with the wires at the front of the bra.

  6. Your back-band should be nice and snug. You should not be able to pull it more than 2 inches from your back.

  7. Your straps should be adjusted in length to give support to the cup but should also be comfortable.
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