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Andii. Bold Boho
Andii. Bold Boho
Blouse $40.99

Textures can really make an outfit pop

I like to stand out with what I wear. It's why you’ll often catch me in bold prints like paisley and floral, and I often wear great fabrics like velvet. Textures can really make an outfit pop. If I had to pick a go-to item, it would definitely be a maxi dress; I just love how feminine I feel when I wear them. And they always seem to flatter my figure, especially when they clinch me in at the waist. It's a style that gives me that extra boost of confidence, and that's what we all want…right?

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Bold Boho

"My personal style has and always will be about comfort first. I think that's why I embrace the bold boho style. Whether it's a flowy floral tunic, chunky knits, my fave pair of distressed denim, or a pair of ankle boots—there are so many ways to express my true self. And my bold side always has its way when I'm picking out accessories like a piece of statement jewelery or a standout handbag. If I can't be me, it's just not worth it!"

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